One of the symbols and gastronomic highlights of the city of Porto, the francesinha, recently deemed by AOL Travel and Short List magazine as one of the 10 Best Sandwiches in the World, has such a striking presence in the city that it has always seemed strange that so far nothing has been done to publicise this fact.
The Lado B Café decided to rectify this omission and registered the brand “A Melhor Francesinha do Mundo®” (The Best Francesinha in the World)

More than the brand of a company or a particular space, it is intended to be the signature of an entire culture, umbilically linked to the city of Porto but open to the rest of the world. This desire is assumed with responsibility and conviction, above any mere commercial strategy.

Indifferent to the propagated myths and to all the subjective evaluations that swarm in the city, at Lado B, we have worked hard for two years to ensure a high quality product, striving to improve the recipe until it has reached a level as close as possible to perfection. Extensive tests and tastings were carried out, always with the participation and attentive observation of our customers, as well as consultation with several experts in the management of restaurants. Journalists from the relevant areas also contributed. This work was reinforced with a meticulous choice of ingredients and the utmost care in the preparation of the dish.

In the end, we guaranteed that we could present a product that would never be inferior to any other available in the city of Porto. This gives us the certainty that our registration of the “A Melhor Francesinha do Mundo®” (The Best Francesinha in the World) brand is fully justified.

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