O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo (The Best Chocolate Cake in the World)


It was with great pride that Lado B received the distinction of official vendor of the brand O Melhor Bolo Chocolate do Mundo, (The Best Chocolate Cake in the World), a creation of Carlos Braz Lopes.
If you are in the downtown area of Porto, you can now get the famous cake at our outlets. The cake is traditional and made with dark chocolate. It comes in large and small sizes.


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Vegetarian Francesinha


In order to satisfy the wishes of many of our customers, we have created a vegetarian francesinha following the strictest precepts of vegan culture (only the cheese – optional -does not fully meet these requirements).


In addition to the attention we have paid to the issues of ingredients, we did not want to disappoint the highest expectations of our clients, in regard to presentation. Therefore, in appearance, our veggie version is almost indistinguishable from a traditional francesinha.


Smoked tofu, soy sausage, vegetable sausage, cheese (optional), vegetable sauce.

The Lado B at the Primavera Sound Festival



The 9, 10 and 11 June were 3 days crammed with music and food for all tastes. No one was forgotten. Around the stages people could choose from: Lado B Francesinhas, our popular “Primavera Sound prego” (steak sandwich), bifanas (warm pork sandwiches) provided by CONGA, ham sandwiches from GUEDES, GAZELA hotdogs, fish from DOM PEIXE, among other options.


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Lado B Café, owner of “The Best Francesinha in the World” brand, was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, the largest travel social network in the world.
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